Name five objects which can be made from wood.

The five objects which can be made from wood are given below:
(i) Table
(ii) Chair
(iii) Doors
(iv) Boat
(v) Bed

[Extra Information: Wood is the fibrous outer part of the stem and root of a plant. It is a robust and long-lasting material. It has high longevity. It is durable and comes in lots of varieties.

It is used for many purposes, like the making of tables, chairs, doors, beds, boards, etc.

Teak and Sheesham wood are mostly used for these purposes.
Wood can be destroyed by a variety of pests that are attracted to it. Some common wood-destroying pests are ants, termites, beetles, and wood-devouring fungi.
One of the disadvantages of using wood is that it can easily be destroyed by water.
Wood is a highly flammable substance, so fire can also destroy it. Wood warps easily by shrinking, swelling, or twisting depending on the environmental conditions.]


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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