Column I Column II(a) Yeast (i) Earthworms(b) Diaphragm (ii) Gills(c) Skin (iii) Alcohol(d) Leaves (iv) Chest cavity(e) Fish(v) Stomata(f) Frog(vi) Lungs and skin(vii) Tracheae"">

Match the items in Column I with those in Column II:
Column I Column II
(a) Yeast (i) Earthworms
(b) Diaphragm (ii) Gills
(c) Skin (iii) Alcohol
(d) Leaves (iv) Chest cavity
(e) Fish(v) Stomata
(f) Frog(vi) Lungs and skin
(vii) Tracheae

Correct answers are:

(a) Yeast                -             (iii) Alcohol

(b) Diaphragm     -             (iv) Chest cavity

(c) Skin                  -             (i) Earthworms

(d) Leaves            -              (v) Stomata

(e) Fish                 -               (ii) Gills

(f) Frog                -               (vi) Lungs and skin


(a) Yeast is very important organisms for alcoholic fermentation.

(b) Diaphragm is a C-Shaped structure separating chest cavity from abdomen.

(c) Earthworm respires through skin.

(d) Stomata are tiny opening or minute pores present on the leaves for gaseous exchange.

(e) Fish respires through gills.

(f) Frog breathe through lungs and skin surface.


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Updated on: 24-Mar-2023


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