List the three kinds of blood vessels of human circulatory system and write their function in tabular form.

The three main kinds of blood vessels of the human circulatory system are Arteries, Capillaries, and Veins.
Their functions are given below:

Blood vesselsFunctions
  • Arteries carry oxygen-rich blood away from the heart to all of the body's tissues.
  • Arteries branch several times and become smaller and smaller as they carry blood farther from the heart and into organs. 
  • Capillaries are small, thin blood vessels that connect the arteries and the veins.
  • Their thin walls allow the exchange of oxygen, nutrients, carbon dioxide, and other waste products to pass to and from cells. 
  • Veins are blood vessels that take the blood back to the heart; this blood contains less oxygen and is rich in waste products that are to be excreted or removed from the body.
  • Veins become larger as they get closer to the heart.
  • The superior vena cava is the large vein that brings blood from the head and arms to the heart.
  • The inferior vena cava brings blood from the abdomen and legs into the heart.


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Updated on: 27-Mar-2023


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