Is spoiling of food a chemical change?

Spoiling of food is a chemical change because a new product is formed with a different smell and taste. It is an Irreversible process as the original substance cannot be obtained back.

Chemical change: The change in which chemical properties of the matter change is known as chemical change. During a chemical reaction, the chemical bonds between the molecules are broken and rearranged, and new bonds are formed resulting in the formation of new compounds. Properties of chemical change are as follows:

1. Chemical changes are irreversible. The original form of the matter cannot be attained.

2. It is a permanent change and one or more new substance is formed.

3. During a chemical change, energy is produced in the form of heat, light or sound, while during a chemical reaction, energy is either absorbed or released.

4. Chemical change causes changes in the physical and chemical properties of the substance.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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