In the experiment of preparing a temporary mount of a leaf peel to observe stomata, we use two liquids other than water. Name these two liquids and state when and why these liquids are used.

During the preparation of a temporary mount of a leaf peel, other than water, we can use safranin and glycerine.

The importance of glycerine and safranin is:

The glycerin used during the preparation of the specimen slides helps to prevent the drying of the specimen and getting a clear view under the microscopic lens.

Safranin stains the cell and tissues with red color, highlighting them under the microscope. It stains the lignin and suberin of the plant cells.

[Extra information:

The preparation procedure of temporary mount of a leaf peel to observe stomata:

  1. Select a healthy leaf from the potted plant and pluck it. Fold the leaf and try to peel out the thin layer from the lower surface of the leaf with the help of forceps.
  2. With the help of a brush, place the peel in to watch glass filled with water for few minutes. Add 1-2 drops of safranin into the water of the watch glass with the help of a dropper. Allow the peel to absorb the stain for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Take the peel out and set it on a clear glass slide. Add a drop of glycerine to the peel and cover it with the coverslip using a needle.
  4. Wipe out and clean extra glycerine and stain onto the slide with the help of blotting paper. Examine it under low-power magnification, followed by high-power under a compound microscope.]


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Updated on: 16-Jan-2023


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