How does locomotion take place in an earthworm and a snail?

Locomotion in Earthworm

An earthworm secretes a slimy substance called mucus over which it slides or moves by using repeating circular and longitudinal muscles, as well as bristles which are known as setae

The earthworm pushes the setae out of its body to grab the soil around it, and first extends the front part of the body, keeping the rear portion fixed to the ground, then it fixes the front end and releases the rear end. After that, it shortens the body and pulls the rear end forward.

By this process, it covers a small distance.

Locomotion in Snail

A snail moves or drags itself by forming a layer of mucus beneath it via strong muscular contractions in its foot muscle which also reduces the risk of injury from sharp objects.

This unique form of locomotion allows snails to cross almost any obstacle, which includes the ability to climb sharp inclines or slopes.


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Updated on: 06-Apr-2023


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