Find out which animals live in the foot-hills of the Himalayas. Find out if the types and varieties of animals and plants changes as one goes higher into the mountain regions of the Himalayas.

Temperatures in the mountains are often below 0 degrees. So, animals in the hills have changed so that they can live in freezing weather. The thick fur on their bodies keeps them warm in the cold. They also have a thick layer of fat under their skin to keep them warm and keep the cold out. 

Mountains and hills have tall, straight, and sloping plants, making snow easy to slide off. Most of the time, they don't have flowers and instead have cones with seeds inside. The leaves look like needles and are covered in wax.

For example, fir, deodar, pine, cedar, ferns, lichens, mosses, and other small plants without flowers.

Animals inhabiting the foothills of the Himalayas are bears, foxes, sheep, goats, deer, etc.  In the heights of the Himalayas, pine trees are present along with animals like snow leopards and lynx.

Birds like robins and parakeets are also present in higher mountain ranges of the Himalayas. 

Updated on: 09-Jan-2023


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