Find out about national parks in your state. Identify and show their location on the outline map of India.

The national park is a protected area formed by governing bodies to protect wildlife and help them to reproduce and increase the number of species. National Parks should be allowed to remain in their pristine form to preserve the habitats of animals and birds in their natural form, reduce human interference, and to maintain self-sustainability in a national park.

The biosphere reserve is the area used to conserve biodiversity like plants, animals, and microorganisms. It consists of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. In the biosphere reserve, the transition zone allows human activities and crop cultivation, the buffer zone allows tourism and grazing of animals, and the core zone allows no human activity. 


GujaratGir Forest National Park; Blackbuck National Park (Velavadar); 
MeghalayaBalphakram National Park
Madhya PradeshBandhavgarh National Park; Kanha National Park; Madhav National Park
KarnatakaBandipur National Park; Bannerghatta National Park; 
JharkhandBetla National Park; Hazaribagh National Park;
OdishaBhitarkanika National Park; Nandankanan Zoological Park
West BengalBuxa Tiger Reserve; Gorumara National Park


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Updated on: 06-Jan-2023


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