Calculate the momentum of the following :
(a) an elephant of mass 2000 kg moving at 5 m/s
(b) a bullet of mass 0.02 kg moving at 400 m/s

 (a) Here mass of the elephant $m=2000\ kg$

The velocity of the elephant $v=5\ m/s$

Therefore, the momentum of the elephant $P=mv$

$=2000\ kg\times 5\ m/s$

$=10000\ kg-m/s$

therefore, momentum of the elephant is $10000\ kg-m/s$.

(b) Here , mass of the bullet $m=0.02\ kg$

Velocity of the bullet $v=400\ m/s$

therefore, the momentum of the bullet $P=mv$

$=0.02\ kg\times 400\ m/s$

$=8\ kg-m/s$

Therefore, the momentum of the bullet is $8\ kg-m/s$.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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