Starch is broken down into sugars by the action of
(a) saliva
(b) bile juice
(c) hydrochloric acid
(d) all of these

Correct Answer(a) saliva


Saliva: An enzyme in saliva called amylase begins to break down into maltose sugar.

HCl in the stomach: The main function of hydrochloric acid in food is to kill bacteria that may enter the stomach with food. It also helps in creating the acidic environment or acidic pH required for the activation of inactive pepsinogen.

Bile juice: It performs two major functions: It makes the acidic food coming from the stomach alkaline so that the pancreatic enzymes can act on it. Also, the bile salts break down the fats present in the food into small globules making it easy for the enzymes to act and digest them.


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Updated on: 12-Jan-2023


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