(a) What is meant by (i) elements (ii) compounds, and (iii) mixtures ?Write down the names of two elements, two compounds and two mixtures.(b) Classify the following into elements, compounds and mixtures :Marble, Air, Gold, Brass, Sand, Diamond, Graphite, Petroleum, Common slat, Sea-water, Chalk

(a) (i) An element is a substance that cannot be split up into two or more simpler substances by chemical methods. It contains only one type of atom. Examples of elements: Nonmetals: Carbon and oxygen.
Metals: Aluminum, iron, copper, gold, mercury, and lead.
(ii) A compound is a substance consisting of two or more elements combined chemically in a fixed proportion by mass.
Examples: Water, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate etc.
(iii) A mixture is a substance that is made up of two or more different kinds of particles or two or more pure substances mixed together by a physical process. Examples: Air, milk, wood, soil etc.
(b) Elements: Gold and Diamond
Compounds: Common salt and marble
Mixtures: Brass and seawater.


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Updated on: 19-Jan-2023


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