OOAD Overview Q/A #2

Question:Name any two object oriented languages?


C++ , java , small talk and C# are most popular object oriented programming languages.


C++ is an object oriented programming language by Bjarne Stroustrup at AT & T Bell laboratories in 1983. The most important feature that C++ adds on C are:

  1. Classes,

  2. Inheritance,

  3. Data encapsulation and

  4. Polymorphism

which make C++ a truly object oriented programming language.

C++ programs are fast and efficient. C++ features have benefits like easy upgradation of programs, reusability of code , data security etc. C++ has rich class of inbuilt functions which helps in solving large problems. IT is used in solving real world problems which are closer to user.


Java is the object oriented programming language developed at sun Microsystems USA. Java is defined as "New simple object oriented programming". It is portable,robust, secure, multithreaded , distributed programming language. Java has gained immense popularity among the software worlds due to its close ties with the internet and web browsers. It is mainly intended for development of object oriented network based software targetting internet applications. It is designed as a portable language that can run on any web enabled computer via that computer's web browser. Java development tools are being rapidly developed and are available from major software companies as IBM , Microsoft and Symantec.


Smalltalk is a pure object–oriented language developed at Xerox's PALO research center. While C++ makes some practical compromises to ensure fast execution and small code size, Smalltalk makes none. It uses run–time binding , which means that nothing about the types of an object is needed to be known before a Smalltalk program is to run. Smalltalk programs are considered to be significantly faster to develop than C++ programs . A rich class library that can be easily reused via inheritance is one reason for this . Another reason is smalltalk's dynamic development environment.

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