OOAD Overview Q/A #1

Question:Why C++ is preferred language for OOP? Explain.


C++ is a very powerful language that supports the object oriented programming. The most important feature of C++ is class. Inheritance and polymorphism makes C++ a truly object oriented programming language. C++ is used for object oriented programming considering the fact that it satisfies the features of the object oriented programming like following.

  • Data encapsulation

  • Inheritance

  • Dynamic binding

  • Data abstraction

  • Data hiding

  • Operator overloading

  • Function overloading

Apart from above features of OOPS, C++ is most commonly used object oriented programming language because of following.

  • It supports all the basic general features of OOPs in a very efficient and easy way.

  • It makes programming conceptually easier and allows easy reuse of code or parts of code through inheritance.

  • It has rich set of classes and inbuilt functions which helps in solving large problems.

  • It is used to solve real world problems which are closer to user domain.

  • It is highly practical, general purpose OOPs language.

  • C++ programs are extendable so that more features can be easily added to C++ program.

  • C++ provides format free input /output operators like cin and cout.

  • In C++, the data and functions are combined together in objects and the data can be made hidden from the outside world and thus increasing the data security.

  • New objects can be created with smaller modifications to the existing objects as C++ inheritance provides reusability.

  • C++ helps in creating good quality software , increased productivity and less maintenance.

  • C++ reduces complexities as software models the real world objects.

  • C++ inheritance provides the facility of the extending and reusing existing code, it saves time in the software development.

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