OOAD Object Modeling Techniques Q/A #5

Question:Write a short note on SD.


A Structured Design, SD is a methodology to break down a problem in to smaller problems and then solving the smaller problems. Sub-problems are then arranged in to a hierarchy to forms a sequence of procedures. Structured design is the art of designing the components of a system and the their interrelationship in the best possible way.

Importance of structured design

  • Good designing to make good programs.

  • Code is easier to understand.

  • Helps to make programs modular.

  • Easier to troubleshoot.

  • It helps making programming more systematic and less ambiguous.

Basic steps of structured design

  • Identify major components of task /problem /goal /system.

  • Decompose the system in to sub systems. These sub systems represent procedures.

  • Group related components.

  • Repeat the process as and when needed on individual components.

  • Organize components in a hierarchy and a consider the data flow .

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