OOAD Object Modeling Techniques Q/A #4

Question:What is the difference between SA/SD and OMT?


1It manages a system around procedures.It manages system around real world objects.
2More importance is on functional model and less on object model.More importance is on object model and less on functional model.
3Dominance order is functional, dynamic and object.Dominance order is object, dynamic and functional.
4It is a historical approach.It is much advanced approach.
5It clearly marks the system boundaries across which software procedures should communicate with real world. It is difficult to extend boundries.System boundries can be easily extending by adding new objects, relationships.
6Decomposition of process to sub-process is not standardized. Different people provide different decomposition. Decompsition is based on objects so different people provide similar decomposition.
7Reusability of components across projects is less as compared to in OMT.Reusablity of components across projects is more as compared to SA/AD.
8Not easily modifiable and extensible.Easily modifiable and extensible.
9Used when functions are more important than data.Used when data is more important than functions.
10Difficult to merge programming code organized about functions while database is organized around data.It better integrates data with programming code as database is organized around data.
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