MooTools - Introduction

MooTools is an object-oriented, lightweight JavaScript framework. The full form of MooTools is My Object-Oriented Tools. It is released under the free, open-source MIT License. It is one of most popular JavaScript libraries.

MooTools is a powerful, lightweight JavaScript library. It creates an easy interaction of JavaScript in web development. It can also do a lot of things as CSS extensions. MooTools has all sorts of nifty extensions, which gives you the ability to create animated effects.

Components of MooTools

MooTools includes a number of components. The following are the different component categories −

  • Core − A collection of utility functions that all the other components require.

  • More − An official collection of add-ons that extend the core and provide enhanced functionality.

  • Class − The base library for class object instantiation.

  • Natives − A collection of JavaScript native object enhancements. The natives add functionality, compatibility, and new methods that simplify coding.

  • Element − Contains a large number of enhancements and compatibility standardization to the HTML Element Object.

  • FX − An Advanced effects-API that helps to animate page elements.

  • Request − Includes XHR interface, Cookie JSON, and HTML retrieval-specific tools for developers to exploit.

  • Window − Provides a cross-browser interface to client-specific information, such as the dimensions of the window.

MooTools – Advantages

MooTools come with a number of advantages over native JavaScript. These advantages include the following −

  • MooTools is an extensive and modular framework that allows developers to create their own customized combination of components.

  • MooTools follows object-oriented paradigm and the DRY principle (Don't Repeat Yourself).

  • MooTools provides advanced component effects, with optimized transitions. It is mostly used for flash developers.

  • MooTools provides different enhancements to the DOM. This helps the developers to add, modify, select, and delete DOM elements. And, it also supports storing and retrieving element storage.