Understanding Mobile Users

Mobile devices help users to navigate the world. Customers use mobile devices for all aspects of their needs. They act on the information they see. So advertisers need to extend online advertising and should strive to be seen on mobiles.

Mobile Users − Statistics

As per the survey carried out by Google in partnership with Ipsos OTX MediaCT on 5000+ users, 89% use smartphones throughout the day.

Out of this −

  • 89% stay connected
  • 82% research and read news
  • 75% navigate
  • 65% entertain
  • 45% manage and plan
  • 70% uses mobile devices to make purchase
  • 82% notice ads on mobile devices of which around 42% go ahead and click on ads

Advertisers should use location-based services to be easily accessible. Owning a responsive website is a must now.

Ways to Know Your Mobile Audience

You can use the following methods to understand more about your mobile audience −

  • Measure user recordings − Here every gesture of user is captured. This makes it easy to trap users’ behavior.

  • Heat maps give you a breakdown of users’ action. You can see where they tap more and the need to change your UI.

  • Real-time In-App analytics give you an insight into the user’s psyche and all the actions they do on their screens.

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