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Mobile technology has grown leaps and bounds over the last few decades. The journey from the clunky wireless phone to sleek smartphone has been peppered by a number of amazing innovations and discoveries.

With the 3G mobiles available today, users can do a lot more with their smartphones than just sending a voicemail or SMS. They can browse the web, check the weather, read a book, prepare a to-do-list, carry their favorite music around, find their way around a new city with GPRS, and do much more.

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In such a scenario, every business person willing to practice the mobile marketing technique has to be aware about the following top 5 ways in which mobile technologies have changed the way users interact with mobile devices −

Anywhere anytime access

Unlike laptops and desktops, tablet and mobile devices are easy to carry around. Users can access the internet in their mobile devices at anytime and anywhere and it has decreased use of the laptops.

Mobile Apps are easier than websites

Companies that have an online customer base for instance e-commerce portals have noticed that the sales and subscriptions they get from their apps are higher in comparison to that of their websites. This means, online purchasing from the mobile phones are easier.

Advertisements should be personalized

Most of the users feel that the mobile are more personal device than say a laptop or a desktop. Therefore, they expect that the content they receive on their mobile phones must be personalized as well.

Social media is a prime channel

Whether your customers are business professionals, students, home-makers, teenagers etc., commonly, they spend more than 3 hours a week on social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook etc. Surprisingly, most of these customers access these channels on their smartphones.

Mobiles are turning into mini-computers

Slowly but surely technicians and developers are packing the mobile phones with computer-like features. With bigger screens, faster performance, optimum storage capacity, longer battery life, and a ton of productivity booster applications. The evolution of phones from a simple calling device to multi-tasking-pocket-size computers has revolutionized the world.

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