Mobile E-Mail Marketing

People normally take notice of an email or a promotional message when they receive it on their cellphone. Therefore mobile email marketing is a great way to promote your business, as you can receive immediate response from your potential customers.

What is Mobile Email Marketing?

Mobile emails are one of the best ways to get more subscribers and potential sales leads, as most of the users have a functional email. The emails can be delivered to many users in one click, while being customized and personalized for every user.

The rate of delivery is also very high, but some might fail owing to erroneous email addresses or spam. However, a mobile email marketing campaign is sure to work because a large number of users can be reached at once, while the emails themselves can be highly personalized and target a particular audience.

How does Mobile Email Marketing Work?

Mobile email marketing serves as a great tool for reaching out to a large number of users at one go. However, following are the certain technical and non-technical aspects that you need to double check −

Optimize for Devices and Browsers

The emails that you send whether it may be a newsletter or a confirmation email must have some elements, which are optimized for multiple devices. For instance, if you have added a link in your email, but it is very difficult for users to click on without a touch-screen enable phone. Then it is not worth of your interest.

Likewise, some users have browsers like Google Chrome pre-installed in the phones, while some don’t. Again, if the email you’re sending out is not optimized for other browsers than Chrome then it may not work for some users. When you create emails keep in mind that you are aiming for mass delivery, where the emails should be accessible across all kinds of devices and browsers.

Choose an E-mail Marketing Provider

A highly recommended policy is to choose an email marketing provider that can help you to create, design, and deliver emails to your subscribers. There are a number of choices, of which the popular ones are Mailchimp and Sendgrid. These providers can help you to optimize your emails for mobile devices by customizing 10. MOBILE E-MAIL MARKETING the design and content. You will also get powerful reports on subscriber information, email deliverability and more.

Designing the Email

To ensure that users view your emails on mobile phones or even their laptops or desktops, you need to follow certain design principles. By design principles, we mean certain convention such as the fact that your company’s logo must appear on the top-left hand corner or main headline of your email must fit all screen sizes. Additionally, for any call to action that you add to your emails makes sure they are clear and visible. Another tip would be to keep the navigation links bold so that viewers can easily see them.

Benefits of Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile emails are superb for capturing genuine sales leads or more subscribers. You can use these emails to do a number of things such as capturing users’ phone numbers, sending out coupon codes, driving traffic to your website, and a lot more.

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