SMS Campaign

SMS Campaign is a popular technique of present day business world practiced by most of the companies. To promote products and services, it is the simplest, fastest, and the most economical technique.

What is SMS Campaign?

The SMS is simply text-message consisting of 160-alphanumeric characters that you send out to your customers. It is one of the oldest forms of direct message marketing. It is the one form of commutation which is enabled on almost all kinds of phones. SMS can be sent not only on mobile phones, but also on digital display devices, social networking sites such as Twitter etc.

SMS Campaign

Likewise, text-messaging is one of the easiest methods to deliver content to your consumers, whether it is news, banking details, polling programs, coupon deliveries, order updates, and so on and so forth.

How does SMS Campaign Work?

As we discussed earlier, before launching your SMS campaign, you must have the marketing strategy in place. Once you have done the research, identified your audience, and defined your value offering and goals you get a context on which to work out your SMS campaign.

Following are the 5 basic requirements that you need to fulfill to get started with your SMS campaign −

A Text Messaging Platform

This is given as you need something, whether it be your website, your mobile application, IVR program and so on, where all the text-interactions between you and you subscribers can be recorded.

SMS Campaign Techniques

Creating a User Flow Diagram

A user flow diagram is a tool created either in Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint. It documents the entire interactions of a user with your marketing program. For instance, if a subscriber replied to a call to action in your message, all these can be documented and you can show it through a user-flow diagram.

Carrier Approval Certification

In every country, the messages that a business sends out to customers must be pre-approved by an agency. You need to submit a number of information about your business such as your contact, common short code owner, campaign, and billing details to your carrier. Once you have done this, you can start your campaign.

Common Short Codes

All commercial mobile campaigns need to be sent via Common Short Codes (CSC). A CSC is five or six digit phone numbers, which routs a text message..

An Opt-in Marketing Program

To send a message to the potential subscribers, you need to create an opt-in marketing program. An opt-in marketing program is a permission you take from a subscriber to send him/her messages. To do this, you can place a call-to –action; in your advertisements in the media, collect the opt-in on your website, collect via an email campaign etc. Once you get the permission from potential subscribers, you can send them the text-messages.

Benefits of SMS Campaign

Text-messaging is a very popular technique of campaign across the world. You can see it virtually used by every company, irrespective of type, size, and scale of its business; from Pizza Hut to Walmart everyone is practicing the SMS campaign. The benefits are quite obvious, more subscribers is directly related to increase in volume of the business.

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