Mobile Social Media Marketing


Social media platforms play a vital role in today’s day and age. Chatting, tweeting, commenting, and liking other’s comments have become a routine exercise. Taking advantage of this, many businesses promoting their products and services using social media as a channel.

What is Mobile Social Media Marketing?

Mobile social media marketing is a technique of marketing via social media on mobile devices. It is researched that nearly 71% users access social media on mobile devices. Mobile devices are over taking desktops/laptops as they come handy to users; thus, making them a great channel for advertising and so are the social media get influenced by them. Advertisers find mobile devices more convincing ground than web and consider it as the perfect medium for marketing.

Social Media Marketing

How does Mobile Social Media Marketing Work?

Create a great mobile social media policy by using the following points −

  • Amaze your customers with a catchy heading, image, or a punchline.
  • Share visual media like pictures and videos via social platforms.
  • Engage social media users through your mobile app.

Benefits of Mobile Social Media Marketing

Social media is shining on every mobile device, regardless of their size and inherent technology. You can use the following aspects of social networking for reaching out to a larger customer base −

  • Convenience − People find mobile social networks handy over the desktops. It has now become a trend to tweet or update status via smartphones.

  • Intimacy − It offers customers a feel of personal touch. People find smartphones as personal assets.

  • Wider Reach − Presence of mobile devices are much wider and remote than any other device of similar kind. Thus, providing you higher extent of exposure.

  • Quick Response − Customers’ response is much faster.

  • Well defined Strategy − Mobile marketing can be very well strategies via social media and targeted customers can be reached through demographic data. This may give you an idea of audience behavior.

  • Real-time Action − You get real-time actions. This gives you an opportunity to focus high on certain factors and improve other aspects.