Microsoft an easy translator bookmarklet

Microsoft Technologies

Sometime, user requires data from the website that are not very much understandable or not in your native language, makes difficult for user to get the essential data from that website.

In this situation, online translator websites like; Google translate and Babel fish help us to understand those websites by coping the website URL the one you want to translate and paste it into the online translator websites then click on buttons, links, etc.

It is really great to translate the website in a single click or in a single step. Now it is possible.

Microsoft translator bookmarklet for those web sites that are to be added to your browser’s bookmark bar. Now whenever you want to translate a webpage, just click on the bookmarklet present in bookmark bar and it will automatically translate the webpage in your language.

To do so, just go to the website “Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet” to get the translator bookmarklet.

After opening the Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet website, choose the desired language and drag-n-drop the given bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmark bar (favorites bar), then open the webpage which you want to translate and click on the bookmarklet.

The given below Figure: 1, shows the Microsoft website without using Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet,

The given below Figure: 2, shows the Microsoft website with the use of Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet,

Features of Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet

  • Very simple and easy translator of Microsoft Labs.
  • Friendly with all browsers.
  • After choosing the language and install the bookmarklet too you can switch to a different language.


Very easy and user-friendly bookmarklet works on all major browsers like; Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc. Enjoy using this Translator Bookmarklet while converting any website in your native language.

Updated on 23-Oct-2019 07:45:41