MATLAB - The while Loop


The while loop repeatedly executes statements while condition is true.


The syntax of a while loop in MATLAB is −

while <expression>

The while loop repeatedly executes program statement(s) as long as the expression remains true.

An expression is true when the result is nonempty and contains all nonzero elements (logical or real numeric). Otherwise, the expression is false.


Create a script file and type the following code −

a = 10;
% while loop execution 
while( a < 20 )
   fprintf('value of a: %d\n', a);
   a = a + 1;

When you run the file, it displays the following result −

value of a: 10
value of a: 11
value of a: 12
value of a: 13
value of a: 14
value of a: 15
value of a: 16
value of a: 17
value of a: 18
value of a: 19