Manipulate decimals with numeric operators in C#

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With C#, you can manipulate decimals with operators such as _+, - *, etc.

Let us see how to subtract decimal values.

Firstly, set two decimal values −

decimal d1 = 9.5M;
decimal d2 = 4.2M;

Now to subtract the two values −

d1 = d1 - d2;

The following is the code −


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using System;
using System.Linq;
class Demo {
   static void Main() {
      decimal d1 = 9.5M;
      decimal d2 = 4.2M;
      d1 = d1 + d2;
      Console.WriteLine("Addition of Decimals: "+d1);
      d1 = d1 - d2;
      Console.WriteLine("Subtraction of Decimals: "+d1);


Addition of Decimals: 13.7
Subtraction of Decimals: 9.5
Updated on 22-Jun-2020 14:56:09