Machine Learning with Python - Density Plots

Another quick and easy technique for getting each attributes distribution is Density plots. It is also like histogram but having a smooth curve drawn through the top of each bin. We can call them as abstracted histograms.


In the following example, Python script will generate Density Plots for the distribution of attributes of Pima Indian Diabetes dataset.

from matplotlib import pyplot
from pandas import read_csv
path = r"C:\pima-indians-diabetes.csv"
names = ['preg', 'plas', 'pres', 'skin', 'test', 'mass', 'pedi', 'age', 'class']
data = read_csv(path, names=names)
data.plot(kind='density', subplots=True, layout=(3,3), sharex=False)


Density Plots

From the above output, the difference between Density plots and Histograms can be easily understood.

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