JSTL - Core <c:url> Tag

The <c:url> tag formats a URL into a string and stores it into a variable. This tag automatically performs URL rewriting when necessary. The var attribute specifies the variable that will contain the formatted URL.

The JSTL url tag is just an alternative method of writing the call to the response.encodeURL() method. The only real advantage the url tag provides is proper URL encoding, including any parameters specified by children param tag.


The <c:url> tag has the following attributes −

Attribute Description Required Default
Value Base URL Yes None
context / followed by the name of a local web application No Current application
var Name of the variable to expose the processed URL No Print to page
scope Scope of the variable to expose the processed URL No Page


<%@ taglib uri = "http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" prefix = "c" %>

      <title><c:url> Tag Example</title>

      <a href = "<c:url value = "/jsp/index.htm"/>">TEST</a>

This will produce the following result −

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