JSTL - Core <c:param> Tag

The <c:param> tag allows proper URL request parameter to be specified with URL and also does the necessary URL encoding required.

Within a <c:param> tag, the name attribute indicates the parameter name, and the value attribute indicates the parameter value −


The <c:param> tag has the following attributes −

Attribute Description Required Default
name Name of the request parameter to set in the URL Yes None
value Value of the request parameter to set in the URL No Body


If you need to pass parameters to a <c:import> tag, use the <c:url> tag to create the URL first as shown below −

<c:url value = "/index.jsp" var = "myURL">
   <c:param name = "trackingId" value = "1234"/>
   <c:param name = "reportType" value = "summary"/>
<c:import url = "${myURL}"/>

The above request will pass the URL as below - Try it yourself.

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