Jagannath Temple - Overview

Jagannath Temple was built in the city of Puri by King Chodaganhadeva in 12th century. He also built the Sun temple of Konark. His grandson Ananga Bhimadeva completed the construction of the temple in 12th century. There are three main deities in the temple who are put into the temple cars during the festival of Rath Yatra and these deities are Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra.

Jagannath Temple


Puri is a city in Odisha state that is popular for Jagannath Temple. That’s the reason people come here as it is one of the temples for pilgrimage during Char Dham Yatra. Jagannath Temple was plundered by Hindu and Muslim rulers 18 times to rob the treasure of the temple. Besides the Jagannath temple, many other temples are also there which the tourists can visit.

Puri City

Visiting Hours

The temple is opened for the public from 5:00am in the morning to 12:00 midnight. The temple is closed from 1:00pm to 4:00pm as a long break is given. There are many rituals performed in the temple which have different timings.


There is no entry fees and people can visit the temple any time during the visiting hours. As many festivals are celebrated here, people can participate in them without paying any fees.

Best time to visit

Jagannath Temple can be visited during the period of November to February as the climate is very pleasant. But this is the peak season and so the city is very crowded. In order to visit the place when the city is less crowded, people can come in the month of June or July.

Where to Stay?

There are around 239 hotels in Puri where people can enjoy their stay. The hotels range from cheap hotels to expensive five-star hotels. Some of the hotels of the city are as follows −

  • Five-Star Hotels

    • Pramod Convention & Beach Resort located at Ct Road

    • Mayfair Waves located at Chakratirth Road

  • Four-Star Hotels

    • Balaji International located at New Marine Drive Road

    • Toshali Sands located at Konark Marine Drive

    • The Hans Coco Palms located at Swargdwar

    • The Chariot Resort and Spa located at Baliapanda

    • Blue Lily Beach Resort located at Baliapanda

  • Three-Star Hotels

    • Hotel Pushpa located at Sea Beach

    • Nayak Beach Resort located at Chakratirth Road

    • Hotel Petal Regency located at Swargadwar

    • Jamindar’s Palace located at Chakratirth Road

    • Hotel Niladri located at New Marine Drive Road

  • Budget or Two-Star Hotels

    • Hotel New Rockbay located at Ct Road

    • Reba Beach Resort located at Gopal Bailav Road

    • Hotel Golden Dust located at New Marine Drive Road

    • Hotel Mayur located at Swargadwar

    • Gold Coast beach resort located at New Marine Drive Road

  • Cheap Hotels or One-Star Hotels

    • Hotel Mangal Chandi located at Baliapanda

    • Hotel Maa Kamakhya located at Gopal Bailav Road

    • Sai Resort located at Gopal Bailav Road

    • Chandan Lodge located at Station Road

    • Hotel Sapphire Inn located at Station Road

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