Jagannath Temple - How to Reach?

Puri is a small district and has no airport. The nearest airport is Bhubaneshwar which is around 60km away from Puri. But the city is well-connected to various cities through road and rail transport.

Jagannath Temple Map

The approximate distance of some of the cities from Puri is as follows −

  • Puri to Bhubaneshwar

    • By rail – 63km

    • By road – 59km

  • Puri to Vishakhapatnam

    • By rail – 469km

    • By road – 444km

  • Puri to Kolkata

    • By rail – 502km

    • By road – 518km

  • Puri to Cuttack

    • By rail – 91km

    • By road – 81km

  • Puri to Rajahmundry

    • By rail – 669km

    • By road – 625km

  • Puri to Vizinagram

    • By rail – 408km

    • By road – 396km

By Air

There is no airport is Puri but Bhubaneshwar airport is around 60km away from Puri. Bhubaneshwar Airport is also known as Biju Patnaik International Airport and is the only international airport in Odisha. The airport has two terminals where Terminal 1 is for domestic flights and Terminal 2 is for international flights.

Jagannath Temple By Air

By Train

Puri is well-connected to various parts of India through the rail transport. Many trains run from Puri to Ahmedabad, Kolkata, New Delhi, and other places. Puri is a terminal railway station. Shatabdi, Garib Rath superfast and fast mail and express trains run from here.

Jagannath Temple By Train

By Road

Bus stand of Puri is near the Gundicha temple from where tourists can get direct buses to Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam. People can also catch buses to Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack Buses from here also run to the nearby Konark temple.

Jagannath Temple By Road

Local Transport

Tourists can move around in the city through cycle and auto rickshaws though auto-rickshaws are very few. Besides these, people can hire, bikes, mopeds, and cycles in order to visit the city.

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