Is reservation of some seats in a bus for women fair in your view?

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First of all, let's understand what reservation of seats on a bus for women is? The first 4-5 rows on one side or both sides of a bus are reserved exclusively for women. This means those seats are only for ladies and cannot be occupied by men.

Why Reservation for ladies?

I am in favor of the view, which advocates reserving some seats exclusively for the fair sex. By nature, women have some biological vulnerabilities like fragile physique, menstruation problems, pregnancy etc., It will be difficult to take up a journey standing on the bus all the time. Considering their physical concerns, this arrangement is made.

The other problem cropping up in recent times is threats to women safety. In case, the women are seated such that they are adjacent to other women, they will feel safer. Consider a scenario wherein a lady travels on a bus, for an overnight journey. It becomes genuinely better case when she is fast asleep beside another female than a male.

Had she been beside a man, the whole night she would not be able to sleep peacefully, doubting the safety of her own self.

I am not a feminist, but because of the rational reasons, I feel that one should not consider the reserved ladies’ seats are a “privilege”. They are in fact a necessity in a country like India, wherein we hear about eve teasing and molestations every other day in various corners of the country.

Updated on 04-May-2022 08:43:49