Is Blockchain the future? Or is it just a fad?


Blockchain is one of the most important things that has helped establish the digital industry. Things are carried out easier and better with the help of blockchains. They are a complete revolution that has drastically changed the world of transactions, payments, and cryptocurrency. Providing many benefits, they are within reach of common people. They can easily use it for their purposes, making it more popular. Blockchains are a secure network that links many computers together to transmit information safely and faster.

What is a Blockchain?

Blockchain refers to the digital system that helps record all customer transactions and exchanges. In addition, these records are kept safely, making it impossible for hackers to edit, alter or delete the data and information available on the network.

Blockchains are a safe zone to keep your transaction history and other related details safe. It is a shared ledger that is immutable. It is being embraced in all the nooks of the digital realm owing to its high utility. From banking to performing transactions and investments in cryptocurrency, it is used on a large scale.

The truth of the Blockchain future

Blockchain is one of the most important systems in the history of digitalization and has made many difficult tasks easier. They have made their way into every important system for their ease of use and utility. Blockchains are not left untouched by them. It also serves as a foundation builder for many immutable ledgers. These help in the further storing of the data and information in a secure way. The customers can be assured that their important and confidential information is safe. Moreover, there are no chances of people hacking into the system and altering or deleting things independently.

Since it is an evolving field, we can consider that it has many job opportunities for interested people. Just like other systems with various parts, different positions are required to be filled. You can take up a job as an HR, content writer, graphic designer, management head, etc. There are many more positions that you can consider. These jobs pay a good amount to their employees and help establish their careers well.

Moreover, working there gives people an experience of how blockchains work. This opens new doors for them to work in that field better and in a better position.

The researchers and the workers believe in this field that the tech and IT sectors will be taking blockchain services very soon. With its help, improvement and advancement are assumed to be increasing tenfold. Therefore, blockchains are a safe place to invest your time and efforts.

What do the statistics say to support the fact that the blockchain has a bright future?

A recent report by the analyst firm Gartner speaks volumes about its possible effect on many fields. We also get to know how much power it holds to make the businesses rise or make them drop. Here is the data to support this idea −

  • By the year 2022, at least one of the enterprises in this world will be built on blockchain technology and worth 10 billion dollars.
  • Most cryptocurrency platforms and firms will use blockchains to carry out their various functions and transactions. This will improve the reach and the popularity graph of blockchains worldwide, bringing more and more people towards it.
  • By the end of the year 2026, the business value added by blockchain will grow to over 360 billion dollars.
  • Looking at these graphs and the probable future, analysts say the business value will rise to 3.1 trillion.

Working on the Blockchain Network

A blockchain is a public ledger and a decentralized database that helps store transactional information. People can have their personal and business-related information stored here safely since it is safe from the fraudulent hands of people who try to harm or manipulate the data in any possible way. The working of the blockchain is quite intricate, keeping the records intact and safe.

Cryptography is used by blockchains to log, process, and verification the different transactions taking place out there. The transactions here are transparent and have been made secure for the associated people to access.

Various business enterprises popularly use two major types of blockchains −

  • Permissionless − They do not require any kind of permission to join. They are an open network that anyone can join. They are easier to access and manage.
  • Permissioned − These require the people accessing to go through the authentication process. This authentication is looked after by the authority managing the blockchain. These types of blockchains are further divided into private and community blockchain networks.

Talking about how the blockchains are doing presently, we can look at some of the most prominent names associated with them. Bitcoin, Eastman Kodak, Spotify, etc. All of them use the blockchain for various purposes. For example, Spotify uses the blockchain network to manage copyrights.


The blockchain network has a bright future ahead, and it cannot be called a fad. With evident results of its utility, it is being embraced by various business firms, including cryptocurrency, to provide better customer service. The transactions that are carried out on blockchain networks are known to be the safest. Since no unknown access is provided to the data stored, there are absolutely no chances of anything wrong happening to the stored records. All these facts cumulatively make blockchains a huge success with a high rate of inflation in success in the coming years.