Verbal Communication

Interpersonal Skills, for all the mystery and high-talk surrounding them, could be something as simple as handling a conversation. It is all about learning the art of giving in rather than giving up. It also could be understanding how to use facts and emotions to get people on your side.

To communicate effectively, the first thing we need is not only a good collection of words, but also a good selection of words. Indeed, knowing how to speak is fine, but what to speak is the backbone of any conversation. The Collection-Selection Model of speech adds value and pleasure to any conversation you have. For example, take a look at the usage of the word astounding in the following sentences −

  • Incorrect − This soup tastes astounding.

  • Correct − What you have achieved is an astounding feat.

Verbal Communication

Proper usage of words and the right manner of communication will create ways of sharing opinions and expressing ideas in a positive manner. The objective of Interpersonal Skills is to have a pleasant, informative, and valuable conversation that leaves a lasting positive impression of you in others' minds.

Business experts use well-honed communication skills to prepare their pitch for a deal, handle objections, and settle negotiations. A major part of successful bargaining depends on the rapport you manage to build with a prospect.