Emotion Handling

If you observe closely, you will realize that companies that produce beauty products like skin-enhancing creams, body lotions, and anti-ageing products get soaring responses from their target audience primarily due to the kind of advertising they do. The advertisements don't promote the product at all!

They promote the results, the moral boost, the social acceptance, and the general improvement in standards of life that you get on using the product. The emotional quotient involved in them is very high. That results in a viewer getting immediately attached to the product.

Emotion Handling

It is found that the emotions run on a fixed path − first the advertisements start with negative emotions that talk about the current situation and stigma that the viewer might be facing, then they introduce the benefits of the product, and then they talk about the positive emotions that you are going to get by using the product.

Addressing the initial insecurity, then assuring with a solution, and concluding with a feel-good high is the secret behind the successful conveying of the message.

How about we adapt the same method while conversing with people too?

The next time you have a conversation with someone, listen to what makes him worried, then add observations that corroborate with what he says so that he is convinced that you are familiar with his concerns, and then offer a solution that will result in a much better outcome.

It is very important during this stage to show that this is an issue that affects you personally as well. If the listener does not feel that you are equally connected to his cause the way he is, you will start losing value and your words will start sounding hollow immediately.

Conversing with people

Hence, you have to make sure that he understands your involvement too. The best way to do this will be through your body language. Your vibrant and energetic voice, your confident eye-contact, and your assured talking will do wonders to the reliability factor that the listener is trying to build with you.