Using Names In Conversation

How do you feel when you are walking through a crowded street that is dense with strangers walking up and down the road, and amidst all that, you hear someone calling out your name? I guess you would drop whatever it is that you were doing − be it walking, crossing the road, or talking over the phone − to look at the direction your name was called from.

We all have experienced similar situations and the reason is − a human being’s name is the shortest and quickest way to building an emotional attachment with him. Our names carry a powerful, emotional attachment with them. It is observed that people immediately start paying you more attention and giving you more chances of interaction if you mention their names correctly, especially when meeting them for a long time.


Start the introduction by mentioning your first name and your last name. That will also give a cue to the listener(s) to state their names. Once they do that, repeat their names by acknowledging their presence by saying − "It's a pleasure meeting you, Francis." It will create an immediate friendly atmosphere and lend an air of familiarity to the discussion.