Making Up For Forgetting Names

We all have gone through times when somebody greets us and we have no idea as to what his name might be. It might be unnerving, especially so when he is referring to you constantly using your name. But the worst situation is when he gives you some business opportunity and asks you to mail your response to him! What do you do then?

Remember that using a name can add many advantages to your interpersonal skills which can be as easily subtracted on forgetting it too. Many people forget names thinking they might not be that important. Others have a genuine issue with their memory. But the trick is to never let the person know that you are still searching for his name in your mind.

Making Up for Forgetting Names

Now, how to handle this situation? Always ask for a business card. If the guy doesn't carry one, ask him which email he uses for business purpose? When he replies, say that you knew that one, you just thought he has come up with something else.

If another colleague (whose name you know) is also in the vicinity, try introducing this person to him. Say − "Hi, let me introduce you to Sam, the HR of our company". The other person now has to give out his full name out of courtesy. Problem Solved.