Instagram Marketing - Tools and Apps

While using Instagram to promote your business, it is vital that you monitor your Instagram statistics regularly, with the goal to analyze what's been fruitful on Instagram, and what hasn't been so effective.

We will discuss here some of the tools that you can use to monitor Instagram statistics.


Tagboard is a tool to experience content from social networks. Each tagboard is a collection of social media posts that share a typical hashtag. Tagboards can be inserted on websites, coordinated into mobile apps, and shown on displays. Viewers can choose favorites, retweet, reply, comment, and like right from the tagboard.


Iconosquare is a tool to oversee and promote your Instagram account. Deal with your group, study activity, and follower development. Promote your account over other social networks with feed tabs or photo widgets. Draw in your community with photograph contests. Set up, promote, moderate, monitor, and publish results of an Instagram contest all within Iconosquare.

Tagboard and Iconosquare Crowdfire and Collecto


Crowdfire is a tool to manage your relationships on Instagram and Twitter. It is used to find inactive users and unfollowers, and find significant users to follow. Monitor your social Twitter/Instagram accounts.


Collecto permits you to connect to your Instagram account, and after that it will run some statistical investigation on your Instagram account. It will provide you with information. For example, it will show how many followers you have, how many likes you have received, and how many comments you have received. It will show which filters you have used that have been the best so that you know, later on, it is most likely a good idea to use the same filter that has been so successful.

Apps to Assist Instagram Posts

Following are a few Apps that help in making your Instagram experience better.

  • Layout − Layout is Instagram’s collage app, and it is a very easy-to-use app. It permits you to combine 2-9 of your photos into one image. There are three options from which you can pick your photographs - camera roll, recent photos, and an interesting faces option where Layout accumulates the photos you have of various individuals. Additionally, there is a great deal of creative features included such as mirroring, flipping, resizing, and rearranging with only a couple of taps.

  • TakeOff − TakeOff is an application from Crowdfire to schedule Instagram posts. It serves to consequently schedule posts for times when they will be seen by majority of your followers. TakeOff studies your captions to propose relevant, high discovery hashtags. You can likewise add clients or group members who help you review or create content for Instagram.

  • INK361 − INK361 is a web application, which helps to manage your Instagram account. By using it, you can make albums, discover new contacts, sort who you follow into Circles, and set up alerts for new posts. You can likewise get an unmistakable overview of your Instagram stats to keep track of your social effect after some time.

  • Tapshop − Tapshop from Piqora helps to get your Instagram fans shopping. With this your clients will get a custom page of products which they have liked and receive an e-mail with links directly to your product pages, as you gather e-mail addresses. It additionally measures the likes, clicks, orders, and revenue generated by your Tapshop page from within your Piqora Publishing Dashboard.

  • Snapseed − Snapseed is an application used for photograph editing and is prominent with bloggers and creative types. It gives the user control over almost every aspect of their photographs, from full auto correct features to small adjustments.

  • Timer Cam − In the event that you wish to take a photograph that incorporates yourself or requires you to set your phone down on a tripod or other surface, this application can take photographs on a timer of up to 30 seconds and then export the photographs. This application is accessible for both Android and iPhone.

  • Everlapse − Everlapse is an application that makes flipbook style recordings utilizing a series of photographs. So brands and other users can flaunt more than one photograph inside a post and even include others to team up for a photograph album. It is at present accessible only on iPhone devices.

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