Instagram Marketing - Posting and Engaging

This chapter will deal with posting photos and videos on Instagram. It will also cover how to foster engagement with other users and followers.

Post Photos and Videos

The cream of Instagram is, patently, sharing photos. So in order to upload a photo, first, click the blue camera button in the center of your Instagram navigation panel. Automatically, Instagram activates your device’s camera, so that you may either choose to click a picture at that time, or choose a picture which is already saved in your device. If you choose the latter, click the double-square button on the lower-left corner of the screen.

Post Photos and Videos

One thing you must keep in mind is that if you select a photo from your camera roll, then Instagram sizes the photos to perfect squares. So, if you select a photo that was originally taken horizontally, you will have to crop some portions of the image, or live with the default black border.

With Instagram video, you can record short video clips ranging anywhere from three to fifteen seconds in length. In order to record a video, press the camera button and select the video recorder option on the right. If you are not satisfied with the video, you may also delete it.

Once you begin uploading photos and videos to Instagram, your followers are going to start interacting with those photos and videos. They are going to start liking and commenting on them. Hence, it is important to review your activity for a couple of diverse reasons. Mainly, it's important to listen to the feedback of your followers. Possibly, you just posted a photo of a brand new product and followers are commenting about what they like and what they don't like about it. This is an important information that you can assemble right here on Instagram. Moreover, it's also a great way to measure your prosperity on Instagram.

Foster Engagement

When we talk about boosting business via Instagram, the main game is engaging people. Social media is not about followers and likes rather it is about your followers take on your posts. How is it benefitting them? How will you know people are engaging with your content? The answer to this is simple. The more the comments the more the engagement. When we talk about fostering engagement on social media, Instagram people seem to be most enthusiastic.

As per a study conducted by Forrester, Instagram per follower engagement rate for top brands is higher by 58 times than on Facebook and 120 times that on Twitter.

Foster Engagement

To achieve more engagement −

  • Use HASHTAGS. Hashtags make posts visible on the corresponding hashtag page. When your text is followed by hashtag, your page is more discoverable by people searching your query.

  • Build a COMMUNITY. Try to build the largest possible community. When you comment on someone’s post, you tend to follow them. This engagement lets your name appear in their feed repeatedly. This builds engagement.

  • Use an attractive THEME. If your article is in a particular theme, it looks more appealing and niche.

  • Use beautiful COLORS to give a pleasant look to your account. This makes your feed look beautiful and binds the readers.

  • Tell a TALE to earn followers. Your post should not be just an image, it should have an impressive story to tell.

  • MONITOR your account continuously. You can measure the growth of your account using Iconosquare. It now has a PRO version too.

Interact with the Community

Social Media is not just about advertising. It is about interacting with people, groups, and communities. To interact with Instagram community, search for magnifying glass search icon at the bottom of page. You can search people of desired interest here. You can look for friends, mentors, competitors, people of any benefit to you.

To start interacting, like the post either by a double-click on the post or by clicking the heart button. To take this interaction to further level, leave a comment by clicking the Chat bubble icon. Mention specific people using a prefix @ before their name.

Instagram community is definitely a new way of interacting with people. Over 150 million people interact with each other every month on this platform.

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