Instagram Marketing - Activity Review

In the event that you post five photographs on Instagram, and one of those photographs is getting significantly more likes and comments than the other four, it's vital to investigate that photograph to discover why it has been so effective. You can attempt to reproduce that accomplishment with future photographs and recordings that you upload to Instagram. Thankfully, Instagram has an in-built feature for this. From our Home screen, if we tap on the fourth link on the bottom of our screen, which is the chat bubble with the heart in it, it will take us to our Activity screen.

Activity Screen

If you have any unread activity, or if people have interacted with your comment and you have not reviewed it yet, there will be a little orange dot just below that chat bubble. Go ahead and tap on that link. After tapping on the Activity link, you can see all of the activity that people are having with your Instagram account. You will also see when people like or comment on your photos.

There are two tabs at the top of this screen. One is You tab in which you review all the activity that has to do with you, that is all of the Likes, Comments, and Follows that you receive on Instagram. Alternatively, if you tap on the Following tab, it will show you all of the activity of whom you follow on Instagram. But from business point of view, the most vital aspect of this feature is generally the You tab, where you can see what people think of your content.

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