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Statistics on social media is to be followed thoroughly, especially if you are a business person. Many businessmen ignore Instagram because it lacks in providing statistical data. You need to keep track to be successful and lure traffic, and see what is working for you and what is not.

Tracking and Analysis Tools

There are numerous tools to measure statistics on Instagram. Following are a few preferred analytics tools −

  • Collecto can be downloaded from Sign up and connect ‘Collecto’ to your Instagram. This lets you see how many people like your post, the number of comments on it, the number of followers you have and most of all shows which applied filters work best for you.

  • Iconosquare is another way to collect statistics of Instagram accounts. It also lets you see the number of followers, who we follow, number of likes, comments, and the number of uploaded photos.

  • is another web-based management tool for Instagram. In addition to providing data it lets you take snapshots, manage your recent comments and promote your photos on other platforms like Facebook, etc. It even allows you to run contests.

  • Postso is a posting and scheduling tool. It lets you post your pictures later on a particular schedule. However, it is a paid tool with 14-days trial.

  • Twtrland which was earlier a Twitter analytics tool, is now open to Facebook and Instagram. It lets you perform competitor analysis. Beyond that it lets you see statistics, photos posted, and your competitor’s network.

You can set custom dates to run statistics for a particular period. You can see your followers’ growth and track them as well. You can check your Love Rate which is your user engagement. These statistics educate us for the use of more hashtags and location tags. It is important to see every activity to grow. These third party analytical tools help you increase your followers, grow your interaction and engagement.

Calculating Success

If people are liking your photos, then you are clearly accomplishing something right. If you notice that couple of photographs are significantly getting more likes than the other photographs, then perhaps you ought to recreate whatever it is you are doing with those couple of photos. In the meantime, if you observe some of your photos are really not receiving the likes that most of your other photos are receiving, then maybe there is something about those photographs, that followers are not liking. It may be a smart idea to refrain from posting such photos in future.

Similarly, comments should also be analyzed on Instagram. If followers are commenting on your photos, then it clearly moved them enough to actually write a response. And this might even be more essential than likes, because now that they are reacting, they are most likely going to be probably recalling that particular Instagram post because they actually had an innovative interaction with it.

It's also essential to look at your followers on Instagram. If you make a post on Wednesday, and then all of a sudden Wednesday afternoon you have 30 new followers. This means perhaps there was something about that post that pulled in new users to your Instagram page. Maybe you used a new hashtag or you tagged your location. So, it is vital to take a look at these factors when measuring your success on Instagram.

It is also vital to listen to the feedback of your followers. If people are posting comments on your photos, do not simply look to see which photos have the most comments and which do not have, but first look at what is the actual content of the comment. Analyze that, do they like the photograph? Do they dislike the photograph? Do they have suggestions for something else in the future? If they do, perhaps listen to them and give them what they ask for. This gives them a feeling of being valued, and they see your organization as being user-friendly.

Check which individuals are discussing about you or your organizations on Instagram. Search and discover various Instagram hashtags. Both industry related and exact match hashtags can uncover a great deal about what individuals are saying in regards to you online.

You should also observe if people are clicking through the link on your Instagram page, once they find you or not. For this, you can also track clicks in Google Analytics. You can simply create a landing page for your Instagram clicks and track the conversions there.

You can measure your own Instagram success just by breaking down the interaction that your photos are getting, and trying to pinpoint why certain photos are receiving certain types of engagement and others may not be receiving that specific type of engagement.

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