Indian Polity - Parts of Constitution

The given table describes the details of ‘Parts’ of the Constitution of India −

Part I The Union and its Territory Article (1 to 4)
Part II Citizenship Article (5 to 11)
Part III Fundamental Rights Article (12 to 35)
Part IV Directive Principles of State Policy Article (36 to 51)
Part IVA Fundamental Duties Article (51A)
Part V The Union Article (52 to 151)
Part VI The States Article (152 to 237)
Part VII The States in Part B of The First Schedule Article (238)
Part VIII The Union Territories Article (239 to 243)
Part IX Panchayats Article (243 to 243O)
Part IXA Municipalities Article (243P to 243ZG)
Part X The Schedule and Tribal Areas Article (244 to 244A)
Part XI Relations between the Union and the States Article (245 to 263)
Part XII Finance, Property, Contracts, and Suits Article (264 to 300A)
Part XIII Trade, Commerce, and Intercourse within the Territory of India Article (301 to 307)
Part XIV Service under the Union and the States Article (308 to 323)
Part XIVA Tribunals Article (323A to 323B)
Part XV Elections Article (324 to 329A)
Part XVI Special Provisions Relating to Certain Classes Article (330 to 342)
Part XVII Official Language Article (343 to 351)
Part XVIII Emergency Provisions Article (352 to 360)
Part XIX Miscellaneous Article (361 to 367)
Part XX Amendment Article (368)
Part XXI Temporary, Transitional, and Special Provisions Article (369 to 392)
Part XXII Short Title, Commencement, Authoritative Text in Hindi and Repeals Article (393 to 395)
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