How true is it that only having a beautiful face is not the guarantee to win big beauty titles like Miss World, Miss Universe, etc?

It's true and we have seen this when Susmita Sen won the crown over Aishwarya who was touted to be the winner due to her extreme good looks. Ms. Sen won it entirely based on her confidence, presence of mind, and for the overall personality. The big beauty pageants like Miss Universe or Miss World are known for their selection of participants based on not just on their beauty, but the jury looks for an overall package with good looks, well-toned body, fitness and sheen, and a sharp intelligence quotient too.

  • Taking the case of Manushi Chhillar who won the recent Miss World title last year, is not just a pretty face. While she is studying in the medical field, she is also a trained Kuchipudi dancer and is also known for attending the National School of Drama.

  • Each participant must have a clear vision of being a winner, and how would you use the title for your and other's benefit.

  • You can be a role model for others if you are sincere in your studies or any other course or career you are seeking.

  • You must be confident enough to face any question that comes across. For this, you also need to gain knowledge via various resources like internet, books, newspapers, etc. From sports or politic to social causes or entertainment, make yourself knowledgeable about different topics so that you know what you are saying and to avoid any embarrassment.

  • Develop your personality by practicing to be a public speaker. You can achieve this by being a part of the debates or recitation competitions in school or college.

  • Being sensitive towards society, having compassion for the needy, donating or sharing stuff intermittently, or volunteering for a social cause is another aspect that is required to win big pageants.