How to Survive High School?

High school is the defining moment of someone's life. These four years you are about to spend could be the best years of your life and shape you to be your best self. For some, it is an overwhelming feeling as they don't know what to expect, how others will treat them, and how they will cope with the new schedule.

Here are some crucial tips for surviving high school without losing your mind and coming out as a star student −

Method 1: Stay Happy

What you must do to stay happy? Below we have discussed on the same

Step 1: Don't let pressure gets to you

You will always feel pressurized to change your personality and be someone who is not you. While adding positivity is always a good thing, don't do anything wrong, hoping it will get you accepted by others.

For instance, if you are shy, you can try to become more social, be more helpful, and be courageous, but if you feel like becoming mean and bullying others is a way to accept, stay away from those feelings.

Step 2: Stay calm and relaxed

Remember that high school is not going to last forever. It will eventually pass. Of course, there will be challenging times, but the key is to stay positive, calm, and relaxed rather than brooding over it and remind yourself you will be fine.

Step 3: Focus on fashion a bit

Fashion has always been an essential part of high school life, so try to find some clothes that suit you. Going with trendy clothes would help if you go through some fashion websites to draw inspiration. If you have a uniform, you can add chic yet subtle accessories to make yourself stand out.

Remember that fashion is just a part of your school life and does not dictate who you are from inside. So, don't get obsessed over it and lose focus on your ultimate goal.

Step 4: Follow a healthy regimen

Physical health problems increase your chances of developing mental health and vice versa. Try at least sixty minutes of exercise, such as running or brisk walking, if you are not already enrolled in gym class or any sports.

Rest is also highly crucial for both physical and mental health. You must sleep at least 9 to 10 hours every night regardless of how much you study. You are in the prime phase of your life and need proper sleep for your body to grow and heal.

Step 5: Don't suffer silently

High school is overwhelming, and it's common to develop mental health issues. Low self-esteem, depression, bulimia, anorexia, and anxiety are common among teenagers.

Whatever emotions you feel are real, and you should talk to your school's mental health counselor or a private therapist. Under no circumstances should you stay silent or feel embarrassed about it. You don't have to suffer it alone.

Method 2: Develop Relationships

To develop relationships with friends, mix with everyone. You can learn many unique things,

Step 1: Be friends with everyone

Rather than confining yourself to a specific group of people, it would be better to forge a friendship with students of all communities and backgrounds. This is because everybody has something unique to offer, which will help you learn new things, culture, language, and even food. It will open up a whole new world that you have never seen.

Step 2: Find supportive friends

Make friends who make you feel good about yourself and support your decision. When we say this, we mean people who are condescending towards you, people who are always mean towards you and make you feel inferior to them.

Criticism is good if it comes from the heart of the person who meant well to you. We know it's a hard thing, but with time you will learn who really is on your side and who was a fair-weather friend.

Step 3: Call out your bully

If you are being physically or mentally harassed and bullied by someone, you need to report them to your parents and teachers immediately. This also applies to bullying over social media. There is no shame in wanting to be safe and live life peacefully.

Step 4: Put an effort toward your teacher

It's always good to have your teacher behind you. Everyone deserves kindness and love. Be nice to your teachers and if possible, spend some time talking to them before or after the class about your studies. You can approach them to clarify a doubt. The key is to create an impression and make them know your name. It will help you in the future with homework extensions, letters of recommendation, and extra credits.

Step 5: Join a club or sports team

Extra-curricular activities are the way to go if you want to meet like-minded people. Join a school club in your area of interest or a sports team you like. Making friends within the group or club would be much easier with less effort.

Method 3: Become a Star Student

If you want to become a start student, you have to be particular on some aspects. Here we have mentioned those areas:

Step 1: Stay Organized

Keep a day planner alongside you to write your class schedule, assignment deadlines, and extra-curricular schedules. You should also mark your exam dates, study dates, time, etc.

You should also organize your school binders as it contains all the valuable notes, assignments, and tests. You should keep a separate binder for each class so you don't waste time finding a needle from the haystack.

Step 2: Stay focused during class hours

Try to pay attention in class even if you are not feeling it. There will always be students around you to distract others, but rather than give in, you must remind yourself that hard work and determination ultimately pay off in the future.

  • Stay away from distraction-causing elements such as chewing gums or phone

  • Don't talk to others during class unless it's related to study (tell them politely you will speak to them after the class)

  • Don't feel shy to raise your hand and ask the teacher to clear your doubts

Step 3: Complete your homework

Doing homework is the key to learning in-depth about the chapter. This is because your teacher has to complete a chapter within a limited time, so they sometimes fail to go in-depth into the chapter due to time constraints. This is why you should complete your homework, as it will help you get a broader knowledge of the subject. Plus, it will help you get better grades and create a good impression in front of your teachers.

Step 4: Complete your syllabus a month before the exams

It is highly recommended to complete your syllabus a month before your exams and focus on revision for the month before the exam. Don't pile up your study for the last moment, or you will end up panicking at the last moment.

Method 4: Find a partner

Have you thought about getting a partner in school? Below are the tips:

Step 1: Gently flirt with them

If you find someone attractive, try to flirt with them and see how they respond. If they appear uncomfortable, then you should respect their boundaries. Don't be vulgar or aggressive while flirting, as this could be counted as harassment. Most importantly, treat everyone with respect and learn to accept rejection.

This is high school; at this time, some people may not be open up for romantic or physical relationships. So, don't stress yourself too much if people don't respond as expected.

Step 2: Ask them out

If their response to your flirting is positive, consider asking them out. If you are too shy to ask them out directly, you can ask them indirectly, such as, "would you like to go to the movies this weekend?"

Step 3: Don't feel pressurized for a physical relationship

Don't let anyone pressure you to do something you are uncomfortable with. If you decide to have a physical relationship, it should be with your partner's mutual consent. You should also learn the risks involved, such as STDs and unplanned pregnancies.

Always use protection such as condoms and contraceptives. If possible, talk to your parents or school counselor before making a decision.

Updated on: 30-May-2023


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