How to set result of a java expression in a property in JSP?

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The <c:set> tag is JSTL-friendly version of the setProperty action. The tag is helpful because it evaluates an expression and uses the results to set a value of a JavaBean or a java.util.Map object.


The <c:set> tag has the following attributes −

ValueInformation to saveNobody
targetName of the variable whose property should be modifiedNoNone
propertyProperty to modifyNoNone
varName of the variable to store informationNoNone
scopeScope of variable to store informationNoPage

If target is specified, property must also be specified.


<%@ taglib uri = "" prefix = "c" %>
      <title><c:set> Tag Example</title>
      <c:set var = "salary" scope = "session" value = "${2000*2}"/>
      <c:out value = "${salary}"/>

The above code will generate the following result −

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