Can we test XPath expression in JSP?

The <x:if> tag evaluates a test XPath expression and if it is true, it processes its body. If the test condition is false, the body is ignored.


The <x:if> tag has the following attributes −

selectThe XPath expression to be evaluatedYesNone
varName of the variable to store the condition's resultNoNone
scopeScope of the variable specified in the var attributeNoPage


Following is an example that show the use of the <x:if> tag −

<%@ taglib prefix = "c" uri = "" %>
<%@ taglib prefix = "x" uri = "" %>
      <title>JSTL x:if Tags</title>
      <h3>Books Info:</h3>
      <c:set var = "xmltext">
               <name>Padam History</name>
               <name>Great Mistry</name>
      <x:parse xml = "${xmltext}" var = "output"/>
      <x:if select = "$output//book">
         Document has at least one <book> element.
      <br />
      <x:if select = "$output/books[1]/book/price > 100">
         Book prices are very high

Let us now access the above JSP, the following result will be displayed −

Books Info:
Document has at least one <book> element.
Book prices are very high

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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