How to make a Button using the Tkinter Canvas widget?

The Canvas widget is one of the versatile widgets in Tkinter. It is used to create graphics, objects such as drawing shapes, arcs, animating objects, and more. We can add a Button in the Tkinter canvas by assigning the parent as the canvas in the Button object.


In this example, we have constructed a LabelFrame which contains a canvas. Initially, the Canvas widget will hold a set of Buttons in the range.

#import required libraries
from tkinter import *
from tkinter import ttk

#Create an instance of Tkinter frame
win= Tk()

#Set the geometry of the window

#Create a LabelFrame
labelframe= LabelFrame(win)

#Define a canvas in the window
canvas= Canvas(labelframe)
canvas.pack(side=RIGHT, fill=BOTH, expand=1)

labelframe.pack(fill= BOTH, expand= 1, padx= 30, pady=30)

#Create Button widget in Canvas
for i in range(5):
   ttk.Button(canvas, text= "Button " +str(i)).pack()



Running the above code will display a Window that contains some buttons defined in a Canvas.

Updated on: 03-May-2021


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