How to leverage AWS analytics tools for your business?

AWS offers a comprehensive range of analytics services to satisfy your data analytics needs and allow businesses of all sizes and sectors the opportunity to drive demand with data. The services provided by AWS include operational analytics, dashboards and visualizations, big data processing, data warehousing, interactive analytics, and big data processing. Custom services with the greatest price performance, scalability, and lowest cost are included in AWS analytics tools.

Interactive Analytics

Data in Amazon S3 may be easily analyzed using ordinary SQL thanks to Amazon Athena, an interactive query tool. Because Athena is serverless, you only pay for the queries you perform, and there is no infrastructure to maintain for servers.

On Amazon Web Services, Amazon S3 is intended for online backup and preservation of data and applications (AWS). Research, log analysis, and online analytical processing can all benefit from this. Analysts do not need to maintain any underlying computing infrastructure to utilize Athena because it is a serverless query service. Gaining insights is simpler and quicker because they don't have to convert or import S3 data into Amazon Athena for analysis. Data analysts may access Athena via the AWS Management Console, an API, or a Java Database Connectivity driver. After defining the schema, the analyst may run SQL queries on S3 data using the built-in query editor.

Real-time, streaming data can be easily gathered, processed, and analyzed with Amazon Kinesis, allowing you to respond to new information and get timely insights swiftly. With the freedom to select the tools that best meet your application's needs, Amazon Kinesis provides essential features for processing streaming data at any scale economically. You may ingest real-time data for machine learning, analytics, and other applications with Amazon Kinesis, including video, audio, application logs, website clickstreams, and IoT telemetry data. Instead of waiting until all of your data has been gathered before processing can start, Amazon Kinesis lets you process and analyze the data as it comes in and responds immediately.

Data Warehousing

To provide the greatest pricing performance at any scale, Amazon Redshift employs machine learning and AWS-designed hardware to analyze structured and semi-structured data from data warehouses, operational databases, and data lakes. Amazon Redshift offers a fully managed data warehouse service in the cloud. Dataset sizes range from a few hundred gigabytes to a petabyte. Launching a collection of computing resources known as nodes, which are grouped to form clusters, is first step in creating a data warehouse. You can then proceed to process your requests. By executing queries in real time, Amazon Redshift also has the fantastic benefit of enabling near real-time analytics. This functionality enables you to solve your analytics issues quickly.

Operational Analytics

An older version of Elasticsearch and Kibana served as the foundation for the Amazon-created OpenSearch project. These initiatives were largely developed to promote Amazon OpenSearch Service (formerly Amazon Elasticsearch Service). You may easily carry out interactive log analytics, real-time app monitoring, internet search, and other tasks with the help of Amazon OpenSearch Service. Software installation, updates, patching, scalability (up to 3 PB), and cross-region replication are all handled by the AWS without any downtime.

The Amazon OpenSearch Service also includes dashboard visualization tool called OpenSearch Dashboards that aids in displaying log and trace data and outcomes from machine learning-powered anomaly detection and search relevance ranking. They monitor and troubleshoot infrastructure and applications, handle security event data, provide smooth, individualized searches, and address observability issues.

Visual Data Preparation

With the help of the brand-new visual data preparation tool AWS Glue DataBrew, data scientists and analysts can quickly and easily clean and normalize data to make it ready for analytics and machine learning. This may automate processes associated with data preparation by selecting from more than 250 pre-built transformations.

Anomalies can be filtered out, data can be converted to standard formats, erroneous values can be fixed, and other operations can be automated. You may start working on analytics and machine learning projects as soon as your data is prepared. There is no initial financial commitment; you pay for what you use.

Data Lakes

Amazon DynamoDB is an affordable NoSQL document-oriented database service for storing and retrieving massive datasets. Users may use it for processing and analytics, create SQL-like queries, and store big datasets across AWS. Users of DynamoDB can build highly available tables and modify either the database's schema or the table's schema.

Data Exploration

You may store whatever quantity of data you require in the shared, searchable Amazon Memory Bin. It might be an Amazon S3 storage location for unstructured data, production data, and metadata. Using Amazon DynamoDB in close to real-time, developers can quickly write quick, scalable queries. Amazon ElastiCache is one alternative; it is an in-memory cache that saves lots of small items and makes them fast and almost instantly accessible. Amazon's scale-out cloud service, which includes Amazon RDS and Amazon S3, offers a database solution through AWS HANA. Moving data from a relatively modest, well-controlled collection to a location where it can become larger is simple and safe with Amazon Snowball. Amazon Snowball works with Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier.


These are strategies developed and applied by AWS to boost a company's data analytics division. Businesses employ AWS's capabilities, services, and analytics tools to enhance their operations. The ideal way for businesses to employ AWS analytics tools is to implement these platforms as a technology to increase productivity, profitability, and performance. By doing this, businesses might develop innovative marketing strategies that could increase sales and obtain the necessary information to keep up with their competitors.

Updated on: 01-Nov-2022


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