The best presentation tools for business

It is not uncommon to see many people trying their hands at tools such as PowerPoint and Prezi to deliver everlasting presentations. More often than not, they end up whacking their brains to make their presentations all the more impressive.

Call it an all-consuming obsession of a connoisseur, PowerPoint and Prezi no longer holds candle to the several viable alternatives available in the market. There are several new kids on the block. One should definitely give a shot to each of the below mentioned alternatives. Here is a comprehensive and a curated list on the best Prezi alternative tools −


Let me mention the tagline of Emaze. It reads, “Create Amazing Presentations because there is no second chance to make the first impression”. Emaze is perfectly in accordance with its tagline. Emaze comes with umpteen 3D templates. Having built on the latest HTML5 technology, Emaze lets you create sophisticated presentations effortlessly. The motto of Emaze is to let its users focus more on content and less on visuals. Emaze takes care of the visualization part. Emaze is easy-to-use and extremely affordable. However, it doesn’t work seamlessly on older computers. If you are presenting a business plan, you can count on this amazing tool. In a nutshell, it is a WOW tool for creating some WOW moments.

Custom Show

As the name of the presentation tool suggests, Custom Show is a business presentation software that allows its users to import PowerPoint presentations. Startups and corporates vouch for this software for its ability to create branded presentations. Custom Show comes with a slide library and allows its members to conduct web meetings. This presentation tool can customize PowerPoint slides and deliver both on-line and off-line via desktop and mobile platforms. Its analytics platform caters to the requirements of sales teams. This is a perfect tool for Marketing professionals, CEOs and Sales Analysts.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck has carved a niche for itself in the domain of mobile presentations. When it comes to creating elegant presentations on-the-go, nothing beats Haiku Deck. This template based platform allows you to create and store presentations in the cloud. Touted as “Instagram for slides”, Haiku Deck comes with as many as 35 elegant templates and well over 35 million photos. All the stock photos can be used conveniently within various slide templates. This is a perfect tool for students and educators as they can create presentations instantly on their iPads with ease.


This is one of the most interesting presentation tools that lets its users create, present and share various slide decks. Touted as the next generation presentation tool, Slides tool comes with an online editor. As a result, users need not download anything. Slides is thus a HTML based presentation tool endowed with a simplistic and modern user-interface. Slides allows you to export a PDF and print the same. However, the styles aesthetics of this tool are disappointing and not up to the expectations. In addition, this presentation tool is expensive.

Pixxa Perspective

Chart junkies rely extensively on this amazing presentation tool. If you are serious about presenting intricate data on charts, Pixxa Perspective is your best bet. This is available only on iPads. You can create dynamic charts and depict complex data. For example, to portray stock market scenarios, you can count on this tool. However, Pixxa Perspective is expensive. You need to shed a few extra bucks for upgrades. In addition, you cannot truly create and brand customized presentations. This tool is perfect for Financial Analysts and Finance Executives.


This video presentation software allows you to create animated video presentations. You no longer require a professional video producer to create excellent animated videos. This animation software integrates well with various software sales apps and hence, it is a perfect tool for digital agencies. It is cost-effective as well. However, this tool is completely video-centric. As a result, this may not be an ideal presentation tool.


This Prezi alternative places all of your documents, pictures, videos and presentations regardless of the format in a play list. This play list can be moved across various devices. Smooth transitioning of presentations has always been SlideDog’s characteristic trademark. There is something endearing to SlideDog-SlideDog lets you integrate video files, PowerPoint presentation decks and Prezis. To sum it up, SlideDog allows you to create an eclectic blend of seamless presentations.

There are over 50 Prezi alternatives in the market. You can use a combination of the aforementioned tools to deliver impactful presentations. Whatever combination you choose, make an honest effort to engage your intended audiences with informative content.

Updated on: 21-Oct-2019


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