That buzzword work life balance

‘Work-life balance’! Yes, one of those few phrases that has got weaved up into different strings of myriad hues creating new insights and new worlds of meanings and thought. What comes to an average mind when this phrase ‘work-life balance’ strikes? A weighing balance, isn’t? A weighing scale having worked at one end and life at the other and you got to ensure that you balance them correctly. Who does not want to have a better work-life balance? A wish most of us wish. After all, most of us live at each of the two extremes of this work-life balance landscape.

When you consider that balance between work and life is skewed towards either of the sides we need something seriously to even out the other side. That is where your high-octane uphill battle comes into play for better viewing of the weighing scale. It is your attempt to create a balance between your loyalties to the work, on the one hand, and your life on the other. The moment you become more loyal to one side ends up you enjoying your life not happy and fulfilling. Your more loyalty to the work side of the ‘work-life balance’ sends irresistible invitations to disasters. You become tense and twitchy. You turn to a depressed soul. You stop relaxing. Your social life fades like a sunset. Your job may be demanding but it must not turn your routine to just three activities – eat, work and sleep.

It does not construe that you ought to work less. In fact, working less sends open invitations to the same disasters as does by working more. That is where is the key, work-life balance, to a happy and joyful life. The theory of ‘work-life balance’ does not teach us that work and living a life are two

separate and opposing entities. In fact, they complement and hug each other. What is required from you? Let work does not jump over to the living a life side of the scale and let living a life side does not touch the work side of the weighing scale. Whenever we talk to a friend or someone about work-life balance, the one thing usually erupts and becomes the focus of the conversation is the ‘number of hours’. ‘Work-life balance’ is not a kind of a metric.

It is not a metric which can be quantitatively measured in number of hours you work a day and live a life. There is more to work-life balance than what meets the eye. ‘Work-life balance’ is totally a subjective phenomenon that varies from person to person because each one of us is different by the diversity law of nature. It is you who is in charge of the affair. It is you, who is capable of striking a balance between two ends of the weighing scale. It is you who has to take a shot about what is important to you.

What are your goals? What is your strategy? How you are going to spend your time?

What efforts will you make? These sweet little interrogatives just add that flavor to this food called ‘work-life balance’. Your work is pivotal. It is a massive part of your life. It is work that enables you livelihood. However, you are not just working but so much more than that. Your social part is equally important. That is why you can’t forget to manage who you are and who you aspire to be.

Your management of yourself and your ‘work-life balance’ means everything is as fulfilling to you both in work part of the scale and living a life side of the scale. Put in your energy and work hard to pursue your goal, but don’t live in work rather beyond work because it will ensure that you are not burned out. As they say, “Work hard, but pace yourself”.

Let us ponder over for a moment and think of experiences in our daily lives. Are you ready? Here we go. You worked a long day in office? You accomplished your goal. You left office in the late evening but you felt rejuvenated. You were in coffee shop entire day with your friends. You wasted away your entire day and felt guilty and depressed. The balance is what matters. Things will coexist only when everything has to have equal amounts of focus. You must learn and become capable about how to adjust the other areas of your life when one gets big.

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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Updated on: 10-May-2022


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