How to get the list of opened applications in windows with PowerShell?

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We can get the list of opened applications in Windows using PowerShell using Get-Process command. Get-Process command shows the currently running processes in the foreground and the background as well.

If we simply run the Get-Process command then it will give the process names and their associated process IDs and CPU, memory usage.

PS C:\> Get-Process

If we check the members of the Get-Process, there is a MainWindowsTitle Property. This property indicates the Title of the opened application.

In the below example, we will find the Application Name, associated process, and the ID of the application. For example,

Get-Process | Select MainWindowTitle,ProcessName,Id | where{$_.MainWindowTitle -ne ""}

We need to filter out the blank titles because they may be used by the background processes.

Updated on 20-Nov-2020 08:49:49