How to frame the report of the event which was conducted last week in our college?

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Report writing is a part of academic writing. It is an informational work, such as writing, speech, made with the intention of providing information or recounting events in a presentable form, such that it can be published in a magazine or newspaper.

Steps to Write A Report for A College Event Held Previously

  • Gather Facts - This is the most extensive and the laborious part. You must know the inside-out phenomena, e.g. who was the chief guest, what was the exact time when the valediction ceremony was conducted. Never keep the facts in your mind, as you might forget in stress and pressure. Instead, write down the facts in a list to read when you can come back to them later.

  • Maintain Thesis Statement - Thesis statement is a single statement such that it defines the central idea of the whole project that you have undertaken. The thesis is a clear and concise statement of the main theme of your report.

  • Form An Introductory Paragraph or Two - This should include the event’s name, college name, date, and venue where the event was held. You may also mention the introductory details like ‘Saraswati Vandana’, ‘ chief guest welcome’ etc.

  • Compose the Body - The body provides the facts in a narrative form. Each of the parts of the report should justify the thesis statement. The body of the report can extend to a detailed 3-4 paragraphs, wherein the complete detail is mentioned regarding the time and place of the individual activities and the number of people in the audience and any additional details if any.

  • Conclude - Conclude the report including details of the closing ceremony such as valediction.

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